Tearful Heart is a turn-based RPG that brings together the tears of a broken world and the strength of heart in an emotionally profound tale.

- Innovative Gameplay: Dive into a unique turn-based RPG system. Balance is key as you decide whether to unleash powerful attacks or conserve energy for strategic advantage.

- Stunning Pixel Art: Delve into a visually striking world with detailed pixel art. Each scene is crafted to add depth and immersion to your journey.

- Emotionally Charged Story: Follow the story of Chipaul, the last Onion Man. Navigate a world filled with challenges and intrigue, where every story beat weaves into a narrative that combines strategic gameplay with a deeply emotional story.

- Captivating Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in an atmospheric adventure underscored by an evocative soundtrack from MusMus.

Keyboard Mouse
Movement Arrow keys Click on the destination
Confirm/Action Z, Enter, Space Left-click target
Cancel/Menu X, Esc Right-click
Run Shift (hold) N/A
Toggle Fullscreen Alt + Enter or F4 N/A

For comments, questions, or issues, reach out to me at gamedev@alessandrocuzzocrea.com

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